About The Westplex

The BEST place in the St. Louis Metro to Live and Work.

The Westplex is part of St. Charles County that used to be called “The Golden Triangle”. The “triangle” was formed by I-70 to the north, Missouri Route 94 to the southeast, and I-64 to the southwest. Since almost all of the growth in St. Charles County was within this triangle it was dubbed the “Golden” area of St. Charles county, hence, Golden Triangle. The Westplex is made up of St. CharlesSt. PetersWeldon SpringCottlevilleDardenne PrairieO’FallonLake St. Louis, and Wentzville

Today St. Charles County is the second largest county in the St. Louis Metro area with a population of over 400,000.   The Westplex area alone is home to over 350,000 citizens and thousands of businesses.   The Westplex is truly the heart of St. Charles County.