Westplex Tornado Damage Estimates Rise Dramatically

Westplex Tornado Damage Estimates Rise Dramatically

On Monday afternoon  St. Charles County officials revised their numbers on how many homes were damaged by the tornado on Friday evening.  The figures show that 350 homes sustained major damage.   Of those 350 homes about 50 have been categorized as a total loss and have been condemned.    Estimates on homes with minimum to moderate damage are now at 250.

The following is information from St. Charles County on cleanup and repair to the damaged homes and surrounding areas.


 Debris from Downed Trees:

 •             St. Charles County Highway Department’s first priority is to pick up trees and limbs in unincorporated impacted areas East of Highway 94, North of Highway 40/61, South of Friedens Rd., and along Arena Pkwy. Otherwise, Highway Department crews will follow County snow routes adjacent to the defined area, but it may take a week or more until they reach those areas. Residents in the impacted areas should bring the tree and limb debris to the curb; also, residents do not need to schedule pickup nor do they need to bag the debris, and there is no set schedule for when crews will reach particular streets, subdivisions, etc. For questions, please call the St. Charles County Highway Department at (636) 949-7305.

•             Please do not mix yard waste and tree limbs with household/construction debris such as shingles and siding. Consult with your local trash disposal service for questions about household/construction debris removal. If yard waste and tree debris is mixed with household/construction debris, none of the debris will be picked up.

 •             For residents in the storm affected area who have been helping out by taking their own tree debris to the Highway Department facilities on 3890 Greens Bottom Rd. – please be aware there is flooding on Greens Bottom 1/2 mile from Pitman Rd., so you must use Jungs Station Rd. to access the area. You may also take your tree debris to the Highway Department’s Weldon Spring site, 7101 Highway 94, south of Hwy 40/61. These facilities cannot accept commercial tree haulers due to space.

 Nonelectrical Construction Debris:

 •             St. Charles County will be placing dumpsters in the hardest hit areas for nonelectrical construction debris.

 Free Recycling of Electronics:

 •             St. Charles County’s Recycle Works Central, located at 60 Triad South Drive, St. Charles, MO 63304, will recycle damaged electronics for free June 5- 15. For more information, call Recycle Works Central at (636) 949-7900, ext. 4271. The City of St. Charles in sponsorship with WITS, Inc. is holding a free electronics recycling event on June 21 at the Family Arena, as well. For more information, call WITS at (314) 558-0090 or visit the organization online at www.witsinc.org.

 Hazards from Electrical Lines:

 •             Ameren Missouri is restoring service to the County neighborhoods affected by Friday night’s storms, but your own electrical lines may still pose safety hazards.

 •             Loose electrical lines may be dangerous, and any electrical lines that were exposed to water must be replaced.

 •             In such cases, Ameren Missouri may disconnect meters until a contractor replaces or repairs the electrical lines that are loose or were exposed to water.

 •             For questions about electrical lines and services, call Ameren Missouri at 1-800-552-7583

 •             Please contact a licensed contractor for any required work.

 Licenses Required for Certain Contractors:

 •             If you are in the unincorporated part of St. Charles County – not located in municipal limits – please remember that the County’s ordinances require licenses for certain specialized contractors. These include electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors.

 •             Such licenses are issued by the Division of Building Code Enforcement. To confirm that a license is required or that a contractor has one, call the Division at (636) 949-7345. Information is also available at www.sccmo.org under Departments – Community Development – Permits and Applications.

 Permits Required for Structural and Electrical Repairs:

•             If you are in the unincorporated part of St. Charles, County ordinances will require permits for structural and electrical repairs. These may be required for other repairs as well.

 •             Such permits are issued by the Division of Building Code Enforcement. Often, contractors will obtain such permits for the owners they work for, but the legal responsibility for getting those permits is the owners’.

 •             Owners may call the Division of Building Code Enforcement for more information or to confirm that permits have in fact been issued for their repairs. Please note that the contractor is not done with work until the final inspection has been approved. The Division’s number is (636) 949-7345.

 Permits Required for Door-to-Door Solicitation by Repair Contractors:

 •             Solicitors’ Permits: Outside the County’s municipalities, County ordinances require that solicitors have County licenses and show them to the residents they visit (some of the County’s municipalities have similar ordinances). Ask to see that license, or you may call the Office of the County Registrar at (636) 949-7560 to learn whether a solicitor’s license was issued to the person or company seeking your business.