Westplex Tornado was an F3

Westplex Tornado was an F3
The National Weather Service at Weldon Spring has confirmed that it was a tornado that hit St. Charles County Friday night.  NOAA staff ranked the twister as an F3.

More than 100 homes have suffered major structural damage, making them uninhabitable.  There are at least 100 other homes with light to moderate damage.  Tornado Damage Aerial 3 20130531Areas that had major damage were Whitmoor, Cambridge Crossing, Greensboro and Haversham, Camelot, Arena Parkway and River Bend Estates.

There were 8 injuries, all minor.  Tornado Damage Aerial 2 20130531
Several roads remain closed for clean up and utility repair.  They are:
  • Caulks Hill Road between Eagles Hill Ridge and Yorktown
  • Caulks Hill between Towers and Greensbottom
  • Towers Road. between Dingledine and Caulks Hill
  • Tornado Damage Aerial 1 201305312505 Arena Parkway – a 500 ft. section between 364 and South River Road
  • Dingledine at Golden Wheat Drive
  • 3000 Arrow Rock and 329 Pralle Lane are impassable.
Residents in storm-damaged areas are asked to place trees and limbs as close to their curb as possible. County Highway Department personnel will pick up the debris in the next few days.